Together with Ian Goodfellow, I am organizing a tutorial on adversarial training at ICCV.
The tutorial will be in Venice, taking place in October 2017. For more information, check out our website.

About me

I am a Research Engineer working at DeepMind. Previously I was working at Google in Zurich on NLP using neural networks.


I finsihed my 4 year Computing MEng degree from Imperial College London in 2014, with first honours and a prize of excellence for an outstanding overall performance.

Professional Interests

Generative models, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, scalable and safe machine learning.

Open source projects

  • High performance GPU implementation of deep belief networks to assess their performance on facial emotion recognition from images. Github
  • Hopfield networks and RBM implementation in Haskell. Github
  • Autolock - face detection based screen locking software Github

Machine learning notes

  • Some of my machine learning paper notes Github